Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cycle Safety Rm10

On Friday we did our Cycle Safety With Constable Jos. He Is A Police Officer and he taught us all the road rules. he is good teacher. He went step by step telling us exactly what to do so that we know what to do when we go on the road. at the end he gave things to go on my spikes and he also gave me a bell, and a red reflector.
So I Can Be Safe On The Road!!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Friend Anna

My Friend Anna

My friend Anna is really really fun we scooter together, and we love walking the dog. sometimes we don’t understand each other but in the end we find a way to do what we want to do.

She has blue and a mix of Grey eyes and brown, blonde hair she has a sister called Emma and Rachael she loves food and loves to go to Australia and see her family.She loves to talk a lot and play at school and at home.

The best part about  Anna is she does not make fun of me. And we love each other no matter what happens

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Time By Corianna And Mya

This Is What We  Had To Do In Rm 11 For Maths We Needed To Know What We Don't Know Me And Mya My Partner Had The Same Things So We Did All Of The Things That We Did Not Know

Here Is What I Did Not Know

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Thea Stilton And The Secret Of The Snow

This book is about the five Thea Sisters and how they travel to the land of Minwa.
the land of Minwa is in danger and the Thea Sisters are asked to help to save it as they travel they meet so many Fictional but beautiful characters in the book if i could rate it i would give it a 11/12 it is really good 

One of my favourites

Thea Stilton And The Lost Letters

This book is about the Thea Sisters as they are in Russia and watching the ice skating when they meet a new friend she is accused of steeling a precious ring that is onb her finger as the Thea Sisters try to clear her name they meet new friends and another fantastic adventure

i find this book amazing because i love Thea Stilton books.

The Stilton and the secert of the faries

This book is about the 5 Thea sisters as they go on another adventure for the I.I.S as they go to the the fantasy world of Ireland and see amazing creatures that they had never seen before they go there looking for a missing agent Nina and in the hopes of finding her and as the travel

Hey Jack And The Toy Sale

This book is about poor jack when he has a grand idea to get pocket money. he chose toys he liked and did not like and put them into 2 piles i pile was the toys he liked and the other he did not and put the ones he did not like in the toy sale. he waited for his first customers for a while. Later Jack feels like he wants his toys back will he get the toys back or will there be something else that he feels?
Read the book.

The Dream Giver

                 This is my describe bubble we had to describe the dream giver

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Kapa Haka Competition 2015

 This is the video of our Kapa Haka Competition at Hokitika and here
 is what we have been practicing for, the final results.
What do you think? Any Feed Back would be great just leave a comment
Plz Thanks.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Cloud Castle Thea Stilton

The Thea Sisters called by Will Mystery from the I.I.S. about the land of clouds. The Land Of Clouds is in danger and the The Thea sisters, Thea and will are going to save it along the way they meet fairies unicorns and so many majestic creatures that you could think of. the book is so cool and bright i would give it a pure 10/10 great for kids and i think you should read it.


Monday, 14 September 2015


  Spinach And Cheese Tortellini With Carbonara Pasta Sauce

  1. Signiture Range spinach and cheese Tortellini 300g $4.69
  2.  Signature Range Carbonara Pasta Sauce $4.39
  3. Capsicum $2.99
  4. Spring Onion 1 Stalk
  5. Parsley (Handful 1/2)
  6. Coriander (Handful 1/2)
  7. Onion (Half)
  8. Streaky Bacon (4 Pieces)
  9. Oil (Rice Bran Oil) -  2 Table Spoons

Serves: 2 to 3 persons        
                                                                                                    TOTAL: $14.57
 Procedure For Cooking:
1. Rinses in cold water + set aside. boil tortellini + 07 to 10min
2. Cut capsicum,Spring Onion, Parsley Coriander,Onion and streaky bacon into small pieces.
3. Heat Oil In Pan. put bacon until brown.
4. Add Onion and Capcicum.
5. Add carbonara pasta sauce.  Wait to boil.
6. Add the spring onion, parsley and coriander.  Mixed and wait to boil.
7. Add the tortellini.  Mixed for about 2 mins.
8. Served with mozzarella grated cheese on top.

By:  Corianna K.


Friday, 11 September 2015


11 September 2015

I make sure that my weekly independent learning is hand in weekly.  I have tried to complete these online as often as I can.  Please. see photos.


11 September 2015

The news/newspaper  issue or article that I have chosen to give my comment to is about the 'final Four Flag Design Chosen for Referendum".  I like change, but with regards to changing our current national flag, I don't think this is the right time.  So I feel sad because the government wants to change it through a referendum.  For one, the cost of $26 Million could have just been put to use in other more important and pressing problems like lack of housing, education, poverty and health.  The current flag has been used as a symbol in many  great events that unfold like World Wars 1 and 2.  Therefore, I agree to keep our current flag in the mean time.

On the other hand, because there is a referendum coming , if I was of voting age, I would vote since it is my right as a citizen of New Zealand.  I disagree with those people who are saying to boycott it.  I would vote, but I will vote for the current flag.

By: Corianna

Please see photos.


11 September 2015

I decided to visit two blogs from the other classes and they are Jessi and Holly.  I have left five positive and constructive comments each.  I have done these middle of August 2015.  Please see photos.


11 September 2015

I helped at home by doing two chores.  These are sweeping and washing the laundry.  I have done these two new chores in August 2015.  Please see photos.