Friday, 27 February 2015


27 February 2015

I have come up with 10 ideas or ways how junior students can be a good friend.  I made a mini book on 12 February 2015.  The 10 ideas or ways are: (1) To have a good friend be a good friend.   When we are being good friends, we care about our friends and want them to be happy. (2)  When we let another person play with us or when we give some of what we have to someone else, we are sharing.  Sometimes, we can't divide up what we have so we take turns with it.  This is also sharing. (3)  Show genuine interest in others, smile and let them know you care about them. (4)  Treat everyone with kindness and respect and refrain from judging and criticizing others around you.  (5)  Do not participate in any form of bullying.  (6)  Make a special effort to be a friend to those who are shy, or lonely, have special needs or do not feel included.  Don't be afraid or scared to ask somebody to play with you or to be your friend.  (7)  Have a listening ear.  (8)  Do something worthwhile and active by inviting a friend to your house for a play date. Extend invitation to come to church activities. (9)  Lend a helping hand to somebody who needs help.  (10)  If somebody gives you a compliment say thank you.  Please see photos.

Corianna K.

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