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James and the giant peach


James and the giant peach
by Roald Dahl
3 stars

Roald Dahl is an really good author he was born in Llandaff, Wales, in 1916 he went to school at Llandaff Cathedral School. 

For his inspiration  he used his baby son Theo as james, Theo was in a terrible accident while Dahl was writing the book.

Centipede is a funny and exiting charachter who always talks about is shoes in the story he thinks he has 100 legs but really there are 42

It all starts when James mother and father get eaten up by well a rhinoceros that escaped from London Zoo and for poor James he was sent to live with his mean aunts Sponge and Spiker. Then 1 day a man came and gave him crocodile tongues  but James dropped the bag and sent tiny little tongues right near the peach tree... The peach started growing and it broke of the vine squashing aunt Sponge and Spiker and James in it. It rolled into the sea with a boom!!!!!!!!!! Sharkes started to chomp at the peach. But James  had an idea andgathered 502 seagulls by using earth worm as bate and of they went high in the air. then the see cloud men painting a bi bridge witch really is a rainbow and 1 cloud man jumped onto i string but centipede chopped thew the string and that was over. Then the find there selves floating above New York City. So centipede started to bit of a few seagulls but there was an eroplane swoops dow and chomps down all the strings with the giant peach heading strate for the streets. and get caught on the peak of the emperor state  building want to know the rest read the book!!!!!!!!!   

Roald Dahl started writing the book in New York City in the winter  of 1960
James and The Giant Peach was Roald Dahl's second book 
he died of the age 74 in 1990.

By Corianna K

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