Thursday, 30 April 2015

War Story

Oh no! I am so sad because my uncle is leaving to go to war! Just to save our our island of Cruela I love him to much for him to go.

But he had to someone had to go.’’Hazel’’! my mum cried with a slight sad in her voice. I went to her crying to her it was time for him to say goodbye my uncle Fred gave me a big hug and a kiss and smuggled something into my hand i put it into my pocket mum and the family saw nothing. He told me to me sell whatever it is if we lost our food or had no more money. Next to say goodbye was my mum i went to the back of my family and into the broken kitchen i opened the pocket of my torn dress and found out that it was a solid gold watch pocket watch. I gasped and put it back into my pocket then i gave my uncle one last hug and said I love you.

4 weeks had passed I had told mum and my family about everything that Uncle Fred had given me I read the letters that he had sent about his adventures. but one day we got a knock on the door saying my uncle would be coming home soon i was so happy and i did not have to sell the pocket watch and keep it for a emergency

By Corianna    

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