Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Dear Ella, Meagan, Lara, Katelynn & Jessica,
Hello!  I have read an article on Kiwi Kids News this week called "Should We Free Willy?".  A recent sighting of a 103 year old Orca called Granny has been spotted off of Canada's coast with her pod.  This has caused a lot of trouble for Seaworld as people begin to realize the damage of captivity for these amazing animals.  It is no secret that animals such as whales don't belong in captivity.  Whales born in captivity only live up to 4.5 years old.  They have short life span, forced to breed at very young ages which can have effects on their health, inability to swim up to 100 miles per day and confined orcas to such small tanks is said to have horrible effects on their psychological health and well-being.  Above all, separated from their pods is known to cause emotional and mental strain and can prevent young whale calves from developing normally.
In my opinion, although I would love to see them perform at Seaworld. given the pros and cons, the negative outways the positive.  I agree to set Willy free.
What do you think, should Seaworld be stopped from breeding whales and keeping them as attractions?  Let me know your thoughts....
Bye for now,
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