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The Lighthouse Keeper's New Friend

Title: The Lighthouse Keeper's New Friend
Author: Ronda and David Armitage
Genre: General Fiction

This book is about a Lighthouse Keeper who likes to look for mermaids one day while he is looking a blonde thing on the end of the shore as the lighthouse keeper finds out it is not a mermaid it is just a dog the lighthouse keeper rescues the poor dog and takes him to shore the dog follows the dog and Mr Grinling become good friends but Mrs Grinling hates the dog and it's pong but there is a little boy named Louis who miss him. The next day Mr G hurt his leg and this went in the paper soon the dog found Louis and had to choose between one Mr G or Louis


This book has a happy ending and i love the story. i wish i had a pet.
It is really fun because it is near the sea and i love the sea and it's colours

Winter Wonderland

This is my writing of winter wonderland and my planning i hope you will like it my partner was Zac for planning.

WALT: Add detail to my writing
SC: show where you have used description red - similes, blue - adjectives, green - metaphor
You are the character in the picture. Write a list of descriptive words you might use in your description before you start….
PLAN The snow was as thick as mud,the freezing shivering cold snow, the snow shines like a diamond, the snow was glistening white, the trees were as tall as the sky tower, the snow was as cold as the south pole, the trees are white, the sky as blue as the sea, there is a trail of snow, the man is walking to more trees, the snow as thick as mud, the man looks cold, the man is wearing warm clothes, cold, shivering, the snow is as bright as a spotlight, the snow was freezing cold, there was a little bit of blue sky, the sun was shining, the sun melting the snow, 

MyWriting Cold wet and shivering …

Red Riding Hood Graphic Novel


My Flood Kit pleas check it out

My Flood Kit pleas check it out

We had to design and make it in a google drawing.

Decimals And Presentages

In class we are learning about fractions and decimal points here are some things we are learning

ICT Conference

Here is what i learnt when i went to the ICT Conference in Shanty Town
We made websites and how to do amazing things.

I had to share what i had learnt with the other kids and this is what i said i also had to share my ICT Conference 2015 skills Corianna - Then we made our first shared site - ICT Conference website
We learnt how to put a background image on, how to change the header, how to create and edit a page. We each added info that we could take back to school to help remind us what we have learnt.

We Learnt what makes a good website Images, Pictures, Videos, Words (informational) Design, Presentation, Format, Colour,
I also made a site called singing
We Learnt how to make a site this was my first one with my friend Singing


Along long time ago when the gods roamed the world, sky, the world beyond the mountains they all had many powers many courageous and strong gods have fallen from many fights. But one god the ruler was very ill and would die soon he started to cry he did not want to die. Gigantic tears as big as buildings, dinosaurs came down to the ground and made a river he kept crying the longer he cried and made a sea the oceans then he looked down and saw what he had done he was happy and that is how the oceans seas rivers and lakes were created  
                                  By Corianna

Hide And Seek

Wednesday 12th August
Hide and seek based on a poem by Vernon Scannel It’s dark It’s cold my turn to hide I am hiding in the old musty scary shed the seekers are counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Here I come! They will never find me my hands are numb biting into my juicy flesh. It’s been forever I now look at my dusty watch It’s been an hour. Suddenly I hear a voice as they think they got me I hold my breath the trees stop all is quiet I don’t believe they will get me i say in my mind as they “finally say i give up”  I jump and yell  hooray I have won I say in praise.
By Corianna

Outlaws of Sherwood forest you choose your own adventure


The Underground Kingdom You Choose Your Own Adventure

Title:  The Underground Kingdom You Choose Your Own Adventure Genre: Adventure Author: Edward Packard
This book is about when you go to see the underground kingdom you can choose if you want to go you need to make many decisions for you to see the underground kingdom.
I love it but i ended so soon i read it again til i got along story there are 21 possible endings.

Hyper Space Choose Your Own Adventure

Title: Hyper Space Choose Your Own Adventure Genre: Adventure 
Author: Edward Packard  This book is about a boy who is interested in their new neighbor who is into mathematical stuff he is also interested in Hyper Space as he could go into the dimension of Hyper Space you get to pick what page you go to but be careful this book has 15 possible endings can you find any more?
I like how the book is really old they are like the you choose series and are interesting you could learn a thing or two. I also like the illustrations i love the book tell me what you think?

Big Waves

Title: Big Waves Genre: General Fiction Author: Raewyn Caisley

This book is about a girl and her family and they go out on holiday at the beach. Sandy loved the beach until Sandy is stuck in the tumbling waves after she does not want to 

The haunting of spook house (you choose)

Title: The haunting of spook house (you choose) Genre: Horror Adventure Mystery Detective Author: George Ivanoff
This book is about a boy who is dared by is friends to go into the spook house you choose do you want to go in or that your friends did not show you could just go home you decide your fate till you reach the end then read it all over again taking another path you can die or be like the other people who died or got mummified it the spook house.
I think that this book is great i love taking the path throughout the house you can explore like you are there seeing everything i like going through the corridor the up stairs. I like a bit of horror and i think this book is a really good book and you should read it.

Treasure of dead man's cove (you choose)


Alien invaders from the stars (you choose)