Monday, 24 August 2015

Winter Wonderland

This is my writing of winter wonderland and my planning i hope you will like it my partner was Zac for planning.

WALT: Add detail to my writing

SC: show where you have used description red - similes, blue - adjectives, green - metaphor

  • You are the character in the picture. Write a list of descriptive words you might use in your description before you start….


The snow was as thick as mud, the freezing shivering cold snow, the snow shines like a diamond,
the snow was glistening white, the trees were as tall as the sky tower, the snow was as cold as the south pole, the trees are white, the sky as blue as the sea, there is a trail of snow, the man is walking to more trees, the snow as thick as mud, the man looks cold, the man is wearing warm clothes, cold, shivering, the snow is as bright as a spotlight, the snow was freezing cold, there was a little bit of blue sky, the sun was shining, the sun melting the snow, 

My Writing 
Cold wet and shivering i am going to have a walk in the cold Winter air. It is two days away from Christmas and i have nothing to give to my parents. The shops are are all closed here and i really want to buy them something. 

Hey look a perfect Christmas tree i better go home and get a axle. 

So here i go back through the cold shivering snow i really hope my parents will love it.

Now what path did i take there are 2 different paths now i don't know, i might as well take path 1 after that i will go and see the other path. and see which one will lead me back home.

Now i'm walking down a road near a lake that is frozen over. I think i'ts the right path what do you think? I have no idea there are lots of weird people who look really funny they have their pants on their heads and underwear on their heads too! 

I am so scared one of the signs say welcome to "Welcome to opposite world" i try and ask "where am i" can you help me get back home. One said "sure i'll help you" then walked away i sat down and had a think.

"Welcome to opposite world" "i asked can you help me get back. So if it's opposite world i need to ask "can you not help me get back home" what a weird place. It like like that time last Christmas when i needed to go and have a break but then i found mum dressed up in a Christmas tree.

Okay back to the reality so i need to ask somebody in opposite hey there's a nice a nice little lady there "excuse me can you not help me get back home" Why of course not" She took me to the path i had taken and said "please do come back" i went home got the axe and went back to cut the perfect Christmas tree taking the right path this time my parents loved the tree and it was the best day ever.


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