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End Of Year Reflection 2016

Goodbye everyone today it is the last day of school for us. Next year I will be in Totora 1 
I will be in the intermediate class rooms, as a year 7

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the people who have commented on my blog this year.

Here is some of  my work that I have been very proud of this year.

Everyone have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  See You Next Year.

13 Story Tree House

Title: 13 Story Tree House 
Author: Andy Griffiths 
Genre: Adventure 
Blurb: This book is about when Andy and Terry go on another adventure needing to get a book made by a specific dead line. But as they try to write they are stuck with an adventure about sea monkeys and how he kept getting the wrong thing in the end they use their incredible experience into the book about their long adventure and in the end have an amazing book.

Bonus Reflection W8 T4

I got 3 - 10 I did an okay job but I think I could of done better

Here is my typing test I think I am getting better.

Numeracy Reflection T4 W8

This week we were doing some activities on symmetry rotational and translate this activity is symmetry.

Literacy Reflection T4 W8

Hello last week we had to say goodbye to a very well known and loved care taker Graeme I got to read out my poem in assembly and I cried a bit here is my poem.

For literacy this week I did this activity naughty or nice list. 

Numeracy Reflection T4 W7

Here is my numeracy reflection we had to use these co- ordinates to make a picture I think it is a reindeer. Here is what it looks like it was really fun working it out.
Here is some of the jokes we had to do i picked two of them. we had to solve the problems and used the key to get the letter. What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents? = Silent Night (27-8=19)(1x9=9)(24÷2=12)(25÷5=5)(7+7=14)(10x2=20)  (2x7=14)(81÷9=9)(97-90=7)(32÷4=8)(14+6=20)

What does Santa do in the garden? HOE HOE HOE (1x8=8H) (5x3=15O) (10-5=5E) (64÷8=8H) (45÷3=15O) (1x5=5E) (63-55=8H) What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents? = Silent Night (27-8=19)(1x9=9)(24÷2=12)(25÷5=5)(7+7=14)(10x2=20)  (2x7=14)(81÷9=9)(97-90=7)(32÷4=8)(14+6=20)

What does Santa do in the garden? HOE HOE HOE (1x8=8H) (5x3=15O) (10-5=5E) (64÷8=8H) (45÷3=15O) (1x5=5E) (63-55=8H)
What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents? = Silent Night (27-8=19)(1x9=9)(24÷2=12)(25÷5=5)(7+7=14)(10x2=20)  (2x7=14)(81÷9=9)(97-90=7)(32÷4=8)(14+6=20)

What does Sa…

Literacy Reflection T4 W7

This week for literacy we needed to re write the twelve days of Christmas but with a kiwi twist after we had to put it into a shape of a tree Christmas tree.

100 Minutes Of Danger


Bonus Blog Reflection

Here is my KKN Quiz  for the week

Numeracy Reflection T4 W6

Here is my numeracy me and Anna worked together and made this map about the most destructive wild fires ever we did the top ten and here is our map.

Literacy Reflection T4 W6

This week we have been doing so much this week we have done some reading, word work, and writing here is my work for this week.

For writing we had to write about the massive earth quake here it is.
Here is my reading activity we had to read this article about why are there 7 days in a week and then did this activity.
Here is my word work I did ABC Order.

The Holly Wood Hoax By Thea Stilton

The Holly Wood Hoax - This book is about the The Thea sisters and Pam's friend has invited them to visit her in Hollywood they go everywhere then pan's friend invites them to meet her sister who works on a movie set. Then Drama happens Terri has a boss named Leslie who is so mad and always yells at the other workers including Terri. But not long after yelling and screaming Terri gets locked up by someone. And a missing film that is very important goes missing or stolen. It is up to the the Thea Sisters to help Terri and her friend Mathew out, It is going to be an adventure read the book for more.
Author/illustrator: Thea Stilton
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure,
Characters: Nicky, Collete, Violet, Pam, Paulina The Thea Sisters, And Mathew, Terri, Terri's Younger Sister.

I would give this book a rating of  5  stars

I recommend this book for 8- 11

Bonus Blog Post - Kiwi Kids News Quiz And Typing.

Here is my Kiwi Kids News Quiz I just Took a guess at most of them and trusted my gut and I got them all correct.
Here is my typing test.

Numeracy Reflection T4 W5

For maths we had to do 2 problems the first one was about using the number board the next one was to look at this picture for 1 min then talk to our buddy about it and recreate it me and Jessie got 1st because our's looked like the one in the photoHere is our masterpiece we made after we looked at the photo.
We also worked on our problem solving slide 1 completed 1 - 2 activities

Reflection T4 W5 Literacy

This week for literacy we have been so busy we have word work, reading, and writing.

This week for word work I have done another task here is this week's 
Here Is my writing for this week we had to pick a task I chose to do the task what Mythical creature would you be and why?
Here is My Task
Last but least is my reading tasks we had to read this book and answer the questions for our activity

Literacy Reflection T4 W4

This week for Literacy I have done some things like word work and some writing my next step learning is to do more and to continue adding detail.

Here is my word work I did Pyramid writing.
For Reading we had to complete this 
From the journal third class down the Congo we had to then do a Coggle Click Here for the link if you want to use it. 
Here is mine we had to find words we did not know and then use the dictionary or work with your group to work it out 

Here is my writing we had to make a mythical creature and explain it here is mine.

Numeracy Reflection T4 W$

This week we have been up too so much full numeracy we had to work on problem solving, we needed to get at least four tasks done and put them into the spreadsheet we had to have at least 4 done. We had to have different categories we also had some really tricky questions but some of the ones I have done this week,  we had to have it at least four activities I think I explained them very well.

Here are three of them.

Sick Dog