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Reflections T1 W8

Here is my literacy follow up we are studying the water cycle

Here is my word work they are silly sentences.

Here is my writing what we had to do was type the answers and I got the lollipop because I was the fastest typer

Exercise 1 What to do    Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
If 9 × 20 = 180 what is 9 × 21 189 If 8 × 30 = 240 what is8 × 31 248 If 4 × 40 = 160what is4 × 42 168 If 5 × 50 = 250what is5 × 51 255 If 3 × 60 = 180

Reflections W7 T1


This is my learning of how i rounded of my numbers.

Here is another rounding problem that i have completed as you can see i have not done a diagram because i did it on a doc and here it is

Here is my working out


Here is my wonderful water drawing to show what they did in the book

Here is my word work for the week first i needed to get my spelling words then i had to make sentences lastly i did add photos and changing the colors.

T1 W6 Reflections

This is my reading follow up. What i had to do was take photos of the book and after i needed to use screencastify to retell the story. Then i also showed how i read the pictures and that is my follow up.

Welcome To 2016

I am back and cannot wait to share all my learning this year with all of you I cannot wait for Easter. I love biking singing and dancing randomly. My favorite subject and writing i am so glad to be a Mamaku learner in our hub at school 

Welcome to my new posts this year