Friday, 20 May 2016

Reflection W3 T2

This is banquer.  It is a programme that we use,  it is like real money.  We get money for good behavior and for manners. Also for our work that we do. I love it and I have heaps of money. By the end of next week I want to get another $1000 dollars.

This is banquer we use it like real money i love it and i have heaps of money. 


  1. what happen if you get 10000 and what is it for?

    here a link to my blog c ctrl

    1. Hello Miller,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog.
      Well we use banquer like real life say we have to pay for a bean bag for the week you would pay $250. The teachers award us with money for good things we do! Also i will go and comment on your blog.

      Do you like banquer?


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