Friday, 27 May 2016

Reflection W4 T2

This week has been fun it was good to get back into our routines!
Here is my learning

For Writing we are working on Charlotte Web We are doing a news article and here is mine I found it hard because I struggled for some ideas.


Early in the morning Lurvy who is a worker on Zuckerman’s barn has found this mysterious web it is supposedly said that the web as the words “Some Pig’’  in it slowly made in silk from this Zuckerman’s Nice an 8 yr old named Fern says that Charlotte can talk to her and that she can talk back to Charlotte.

What a miracle this is to find that a creature can not only talk to animals and humans, but also spun a web about her best friend Wilbur who is the pig.
Lurvey says that he was just shocked and could not resist the web glisney with raindrops from the morning dew. He was shocked to see what this sight was as what a miracle this is.

Zuckerman filled with pride is now neglecting his other animals as he his now focused on Wilbur the magnificent what a surprise he got. Though what about the other animals and their health?   

Here is my Reading DLO I found it easy because I finished it in 5 minutes. We were given the degrees which was 45 then we had to answer the questions nelow.

Then here is my maths I found this hard at first but later on I found it hard but I got it in the end

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