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PrEp Review Mini Market

I think that a lot of need a bit more work they were not of high quality.

Next Market i hope that i can see more improvement in all of the products especially the ones that only had a few products.

some were not good enough but to me have not set the standard.

Reflections W8 T2

Here is what I have been doing this week and I have had fun learning so many new things.
Word WorkHere is my word work for the week. I had to add my words and total them and here it is.

Writing - TenseHere is one of my writing follow ups.  We had to come up with sentences and write it using the three different tense. Past, Present, Future, Tense Writing- High Level Punctuation We had to write small sentences using colons and semi colons. The other side we used sentences with commas.
MathsHere is my maths we are showing what we have learnt. 
We have been learning about decimals like ordering decimals, and decimals on a number line.

ReadingHere is my reading we had to watch a video about Peter Rabbit then answer the questions below. We are learning to find the key events in the story. 

WritingHere is my writing it is my new and improved version. This time I achieved using the correct tense and using high level punctuation.

Welcome To PrEp 2016

Hello everyone welcome to PrEp 2016
This year I am on the advertising agency I am the marketing manager so I help my CEO to.

I am in charge of heaps of stuff and love PrEp 

Bonus Blog Post

Here is my bonus blog post


Reflections W7 T2

Hello everyone here is what I have been up to this week.

Reading:Here is my reading activity,
In class we are reading Charlotte's Web and so we got told to do this book below were questions that I had to answer. We were finding the elements of the story and all about the book to see how hard we listened and understood it.
NSL ( Next Step Learning )
Next time I would like to do more!

WritingFor writing we did a small piece of writing about an emotion can you guess what mine is.

MathsHere is my maths we have been up to so much we did a lesson with the teacher my teacher helped me to understand how to do this then we played the games here is one of them.

Word WorkHere is my word work I wrote some silly sentences. Clothes                couldn’t                         The little girl's clothes were stunning.            The door did not open.
Favorite                                              Field                                             luckily My favorite food is noodles      The fi…

Reflction W6 T2

Here is what i have been up to we used thing link please take a look at what i have been doing

Typing T2 W5

Here is my results were

Reflections W5 T2

Here is my exciting week at school and what I have been learning.

For reading we had to read the two short stories below then after that answer the questions.

Here is my numeracy we peered up and we assessed our buddies on our video from last week
in the drawing i have put my video on again.

Then we did writing we this time reflected on how we wrote this and fixed it up.
Here is my improved version.

And here is my word work I had to type them and find images of the word I also practiced writing them for my homework.