Friday, 17 June 2016

Reflections W7 T2

Hello everyone here is what I have been up to this week.


Here is my reading activity,
In class we are reading Charlotte's Web and so we got told to do this book below were questions that I had to answer. We were finding the elements of the story and all about the book to see how hard we listened and understood it.
NSL ( Next Step Learning )
Next time I would like to do more!


For writing we did a small piece of writing about an emotion can you guess what mine is.



Here is my maths we have been up to so much we did a lesson with the teacher my teacher helped me to understand how to do this then we played the games here is one of them.

Word Work

Here is my word work I wrote some silly sentences.
Clothes                 couldn’t                        
The little girl's clothes were stunning.            The door did not open.

Favorite                                              Field                                             luckily
My favorite food is noodles      The field was beautiful  I luckily won lotto.

Second                                             Language
It was seconds till midnight.    There are many different languages.

Stopped                                                           Whole
I stopped in the middle of the road    There is a whole pizza on the table.

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