Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Nancy Drew And The Which Tree Symbol

This book is about Nancy Drew as she embarks on another adventure and this time some missing furniture is missing and there is a symbol left on the ground. Nancy gets a  big lead on the mystery and is about to leave when she gets a phone call that strictly says '' DO NOT GO NANCY DREW !!

But what do you think might happen to Nancy Drew?

Later on Nancy Drew gets told that she is a which in the old country or Lancaster and finds mysterious symbols.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Reflection W9 T2

Hello everyone I have been very busy this week and here is what I have been doing we did PrEp So take a look at all of the things that we have been doing.

Next term speeches are coming up and I am doing Speech Board, Speech Board is when you are assessed by a assessor I do it every year.


Here is a screen shot of my plan I am doing sugar. We used  to plan next week we will have our script done. I am excited!


We have been doing a spreadsheet called top dog pooch sheet,
it is when you budget for a pet mine is a fish. 
We had to get the life time cost at the moment me and my group are a little behind so I hope to finish a lot more next week.
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PrEp was so fun here are some photos.
Me and my Besties
Advertising agency working hard.

This is what PrEp is all about.
Yesterday we had PrEp prep is when we apply for a job like in the real world. I applied for the advertising agency. Advertising agencies is when you take photos and videos of all the businesses. There was also Police and the Warehouse, Police