Friday, 19 August 2016

Book Week 2016

This week we had our book week it was really fun and a bit wild.

At the beginning of the week we Drafted and talked about decorating our door display we are doing two because we are two joint classes as one. The first door has things to do with charlie and the chocolate factory at the end of the door we had wrappers of chocolate bars. The second door had the BFG we had potions on a shelf in the hallway. We also had chalk drawing outside on the court to draw our fab book characters. 

Buddy Reading, PJ Party On Tuesday we had our buddy class 15, 6 come and read to us they were so cute because they are 5 yrs old  my partner was belle and we read to each other. We also had a pj party at 7:00 pm there were spot prizes and some teachers read to us we had a choice on going or not but I did not.

 Wacky Wednesday, Thursday  We also got wacky on Wednesday, Thursday  I got my hair colored with hair chalk my hair was funky also with my jersey inside out and odd socks. Everyone was wacky including the teachers some of then in onesies. 

 Book Week Today Friday we had Book Character Day we we all got dressed up as our favorite book character or a random one I cam dressed up as little miss sunshine and the teachers got dressed up as harry potter it was the funniest thing yet.

Golden Ticket
We also had to try and find golden tickets hidden around the school each day. It was so fun.

Monday, 15 August 2016

T3 W3 Reflection


For maths we are learning about equivalent fractions and here is how I explain it we had to show our working out on a google drawing .

Reflection W3 T3

This week we have been doing more Olympic activities and also have been getting up to some really good fractions work.

In this activity we learnt about the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics  and what are the same I found it a little bit hard writing the facts in my own words because the words on the site were really good.

Also here is my para athlete her name is Sophie Pascoe.

We also did an inspirational story i did Nadia because she is a very good gymnast. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Term 3 W2 Reflections

This week has been SO fun and here is what we have been doing

These two tennis players are now a double going to the Rio Olympics this 2016 Micheal Venus was meant to be partnered up with Artem Sitak, Artem Sitak was always high on the leader board until  Marcus Daniell took the lead leaving the new pair to go to Rio. Mean while Artem Sitak misses a trip to Rio.

Courtney McGregor is going to Rio as an artistic gymnast who is going to her first Olympic games. 

Eliza McCartney is competing in the Rio Olympics she has won no medals and wants to get one this Olympics. 

What I learnt i learnt a lot about different athletes i think that they should get more recondition for all their hard work that they do. 
I think that i can work on putting more information.

T3 W1 Reflection

This week I have been up to so much and i am so glad to share it with you.


This week we are learning about fractions and here is my work we learnt about understanding fractions.
MArths equivelent fractions.jpg


We have been doing speeches i was on the first day back at school and here is a video of my speech.

Te Reo

This week we have been working with Whaea Katie And we learn how to say what is your name
it was really fun..