Monday, 8 August 2016

Term 3 W2 Reflections

This week has been SO fun and here is what we have been doing

These two tennis players are now a double going to the Rio Olympics this 2016 Micheal Venus was meant to be partnered up with Artem Sitak, Artem Sitak was always high on the leader board until  Marcus Daniell took the lead leaving the new pair to go to Rio. Mean while Artem Sitak misses a trip to Rio.

Courtney McGregor is going to Rio as an artistic gymnast who is going to her first Olympic games. 

Eliza McCartney is competing in the Rio Olympics she has won no medals and wants to get one this Olympics. 

What I learnt i learnt a lot about different athletes i think that they should get more recondition for all their hard work that they do. 
I think that i can work on putting more information.


  1. Ni Hao Corianna. Hi My Name Is Jazmine This Looks Like You Have Been Working Really Hard On Your Olympics From Rio Hard I think You Need To Make Your Words A Little Bit Bigger And How Many Medals Have Your Three People Won Medals And Is All Three Of Them going To The Rio Olympics?

    1. Hi Jazmine and yes they are all going to the Olympics. I am not to sure if the have won any medals maybe I could find that out. Who is your favorite athlete?

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  3. Good moring corianna this is just a tester for screencastify so if you could delete this it would be gret thanks bye.


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