Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Big Day Out

On Thursday we had our big day out we went to the movies and watched Pete's Dragon I cried a little and it is very good i give the movie 4 stars.

After we went to the new recreation center we played games like cricket, soccer, badminton and basket ball

After we went to the swimming pool and had a good swim. I went down on the hydro-slide it was so cool to hang out and have a fun day. I cannot wait till our next big day out.

Then we walked back to the school and went home this was a trip of a life time...

Here is a photo of me.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Franz Joseph Southland Arts Festival

This week on Wednesday I went to Franz Joseph and I sang at the Southland Arts Festival with Franklin, Honor, Bessie, Heidi and me.
Here are some photos of us
Here is a small bit of what i sang.

Here is Heidi and Miya 

 Franklin, Honor, Bessie

Me and Franklin

Me Singing

Me again.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Maths Reflection W6 T3


This Week for maths i have found it challenging at times and okay in bits but finally here is my finished piece


Reading Reflection W6 T3


This week in writing we have been learning heaps about explanations and here is mine about a jug it is uncompleted but here is it so far. I have only put in my introduction. What do you think?

A Jug
A jug is a large container usually made of a plastic of some sort that does not melt . It is most commonly used for boiling hot water they can come in different colours but commonly silver or white. The magic all happens when we plug it in and put cold water into it.



Here is my reading activities. My goal is to use fluency to enhance the meaning of my book and the bit that I am reading.

In this video I am not using any punctuation at all.

Here is my good version i used punctuation in this one.

NSL ( Next step learning )

I think I could of got a better image of the bit I was reading. Also on my bad version  my screen was moving a lot. I think I challenged myself
 because there were a few words I did not know very well.