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Kiwi Kids News T4 W3

We also did the kiwi news quiz I got 7 right out of 10. some were a little tricky but the rest were okay.

Topic Reflection W3 T4

For topic we are focusing this term on water safety.
Here is one of my activities that I have been working on.
I did the activity on the aqua code.

Typing & Kiwi News Quiz

I really did the kiwi news quiz and i got 5/10
and for my typing i got this

Numeracy Reflection T4 W2

This week we have been working on the last of our numeracy activities here is mine and Caitlyn's we did not do all  of the activities but here is what we have done.

Reading Reflection W2 T4

This was one of our activities for reading we had to fill in the gaps and highlight all the clues. Here is what we have done.
Interactive cloze activity

Read the whole text on the Walrus first. Then look for clues in the text (reading before the word and after) to work out the missing words. Highlight the clues you have used. Make sure you choose the correct grammatical form of the word by looking at the whole sentence.

When you have finished, check with a partner and discuss any different choices. Decide together which words you think are best.

THE WALRUS The walrus, Odobensus rosmarus, is a large flipperedmarine mammal. It is the only living species in the Odobenidae family. The family name, Odobensus, means "tooth walker", because of the way they drag themselves along the ice using their tusks. The species  Odobensus, rosmarus, comes from the Norwegian word for "whale horse". The walrus is a close relative of seals, but unlike the Seal has two separate hind legs. Male…

Numeracy Reflection W1 T4

This Week we have been doing numeracy here are some of the activities that me and my buddy did.

In this activity we had to make a 16 point compass  and use it to complete the activity below we had to make our own compass and here is the end result I think it looks pretty good.

Here  Is a wee bit of the activities we had to do roughly 12 Activities Here is the first three.

Reflection T4 W1 Writing

Here is a wee bit of my video click this link to read the rest.
We had to write a simple explanation about whatever topic we like i am still working on the rest but here is what it is like so far.

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