Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Holly Wood Hoax By Thea Stilton

The Holly Wood Hoax - This book is about the The Thea sisters and Pam's friend has invited them to visit her in Hollywood they go everywhere then pan's friend invites them to meet her sister who works on a movie set. Then Drama happens Terri has a boss named Leslie who is so mad and always yells at the other workers including Terri. But not long after yelling and screaming Terri gets locked up by someone. And a missing film that is very important goes missing or stolen. It is up to the the Thea Sisters to help Terri and her friend Mathew out, It is going to be an adventure read the book for more.

Author/illustrator: Thea Stilton

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure,

Characters: Nicky, Collete, Violet, Pam, Paulina The Thea Sisters, And Mathew, Terri, Terri's Younger Sister.

I would give this book a rating of  5  stars

I recommend this book for 8- 11

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