Monday, 13 February 2017

Hello And Welcome Back

This year was great but 2017 is better...
I am in T1 also known as Totoara 1 and here is my first reflection for this year.

We have had so many great things this year but the best was this mind playing maths activity
It was so hard I failed heaps but I kept trying and trying and this is what I got

you had to have a top number i chose 9 
then you have two cells on the neck you had to put 2 numbers that equaled 9.
then at the bottom three they had to equal the two cells on the neck it was so hard because he told us no rules .

This week was also very fun although the hardest thing would hae to be this activity after awhile my teacher told us the solution it took a lot of thinking and i had to think outside the box here are my completed ones.

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